Multi-line Steering Diode Array for EOS Protection - SMP1255PUTG

Date:April 15, 2023

The SMP1255PUTGis a low capacitance steering diode array with an integrated high energy TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor).  The device can protect up to three high speed data lines and one VBus IC power rail from the harmful threats of electrical over-stress (EoS).


   Low capacitance of 0.50pF typical I/O to ground

   Protection of three high speed data lines

   Protection of one VBus power rail

   High energy capability (+30kV IEC61000-4-2)

   Low profile (0.55mm typical) DFN style package for space constrained applications  

    Pb-Free, Halogen Free, RoHS/WEEE Compliant



   USB Data Bus

   Peripheral component I/O ports

   User interface protection

   Integrated Circuit (IC) power rail