High Voltage Low Profile Schottky Rectifier ST15120S

Date:December 12, 2018

The ST15120S is a high voltage Trench MOS Schottky rectifier packaged in the ultra-thin TO-277B outline.  The ST15120S has an ultra-low forward voltage, low reverse leakage current and very fast reverse recovery times.  The result is a Schottky rectifier that has extremely low total conduction losses and negligible switching losses. The device is packaged in a space efficient package that makes it ideal for space constrained applications that require an energy efficient power Schottky rectifier.



 High reverse voltage capability of 120VRRM (85VRMS)

 Extremely low forward voltage (0.76V @ 15A, TJ=25oC) for maximum efficiency

 High current density (15A in 4.0mm x 6.5mm package)

 Low profile package (1.1mm) for space constrained applications

 High forward surge capability (220A) needed for capacitive loaded circuits

 Theoretically zero reverse recovery time, trr, minimizes switching losses at high frequency



 Solar bypass diodes in solar panels

 Output rectification in Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

 Reverse polarity protection

 DC / DC converters

 ORing diode

ST15120S N2079 REV.-.pdf