Multi-line Steering Diode Array for EOS Protection eGuard0504F

Date:September 06, 2018

The eGuard0504F is a low capacitance steering diode array with an integrated high energy TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) packaged in the low profile, space efficient SOT-363 outline. The device can protect up to four data lines and one VBus IC power rail from the harmful threats of electrical over-stress (EoS). The device’s high peak power capability, precise clamping and low idle current makes this devices superior to MOV / MLV type protectors in data line, power rail and user interface applications.      


 Low capacitance of 1.50pF maximum between I/O pins

 Peak power capability (PPK) of 150W (8/20μs)

 Protection of four high speed data lines

 Working voltage (VRWM) of 5V maximum

 Protection of one VBus power rail

 Low idle, or standby current of 3μA (@VRWM, 25oC) maximum for energy efficiency

 Industry standard SOT-363 package



 Data and transmission lines

 User interface

 Integrated Circuit (IC) power rails

 Handheld electronics


Support Material

Data Sheet

eGuard0504F N2015 REV.-.pdf

eGuard0504F N2015 REV.-.pdf