High Power Dual Schottky Rectifiers STF30120C and STF30120CR

Date:January 02, 2018

The STF30120C and STF30120CR are 30A (total package), 120V Schottky rectifiers packaged in the ITO-220AB fully isolated package.  The STF30120C is Schottky pair in the common cathode configuration.  The STF30120CR is a Schottky pair in the common anode configuration.  Both devices have a very low forward voltage, VF, drop and low reverse leakage current, IR, resulting in low total conduction losses and enhanced levels of efficiency.  The common cathode and common anode configurations facilitate circuit and PC board design in common applications such as output rectification.  The high reverse voltage capability and low total conduction losses of the devices make them ideal solutions for high frequency, energy sensitive applications such as Solid State Lighting (SSL), alternative energy inverters or as output bridge rectifiers in switching power supplies (SMPS or DC/DC).  The devices employ guard ring construction for enhanced levels of reliability and robust reverse energy capability.



 Ultralow forward voltage (0.64V typ. @ 15A per device, TJ=125oC) enhances efficiency

 Continuous forward current capability of 30A (total package, 50% duty cycle, TC=100oC)

 High reverse voltage capability of 120V

 Very low leakage current (30uA typ. @ VR=120V, TJ=25oC) reduces reverse energy losses

 High forward surge rating of 200A necessary for reactively loaded circuits

 Guard ring construction for enhanced reverse energy capability and long-term reliability

 Electrically isolated ITO-220AB package (3500VRMS, clip mount to heatsink)



 Output rectification in SMPS

 Alternative energy inverters

 Solar bypass diodes

 ORing circuits


Support Material

Data Sheet

STF30120C(R) N1370 REV.A.pdf