High Voltage Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier SICR12 Series

Date:November 15, 2017

The SICR12600, SICRB12600, SICRD12600 and SICRF12600 is a series of high current, 600V Silicon Carbide (SiC) rectifier devices available in industry standard TO-220AC, D2PAK, DPAK and ITO-220AC package outlines.  The SICR12 series provides extremely fast Schottky reverse recovery times that are virtually independent of temperature extremes.  Additionally, total conduction losses are minimized as result of a very low forward voltage drop and very low reverse leakage current.  The combination of low switching loss, low conduction loss and high voltage capability make the SICR12 series the ideal high voltage rectifier for high frequency, energy sensitive applications where temperature extremes are expected.



 High reverse voltage capability of 600V

 Continuous forward current capability of 12A (TC=110oC, 50% D/C)

 Reverse recovery time virtually independent of temperature change

 Low forward voltage (VF=1.5V typical, IO=12A, at TJ=25oC)

 Low reverse leakage current losses (IR=30μA typical, VR=600, at TJ=25oC)

 Maximum junction operating temperature of 175oC

 Industry standard package outlines for design flexibility



Bypass diode for solar energy micro-inverters

Flyback diode in high frequency switching circuits

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Output rectification of high frequency power supplies

Voltage clamping


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