High Voltage Transient Voltage Suppressor SMAJ350CA

Date:November 15, 2017

The SMAJ350C is a high voltage, high energy, bi-directional TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) packaged in the space saving SMA outline.  The device has a high peak power capability of 400W (10/1000μs waveform) and a very low reverse idle current that maximizes overall energy efficiency.  The SMAJ350C has a very tight clamping ratio (VC/VRWM) that provides superior protection when compared to MOV/MLV types products.  The combination of 350V working voltage (VRWM) and bi-directional capability makes this device ideal for transient protection of 220-250VRMS off-line systems.



 High working voltage of 350V

 Bi-directional protection for off-line AC systems

 High peak power rating of 400W (10/1000μs waveform)

 Very tight clamping ration (VC/VRWM) < 1.7

 Very low idle current of 5μA maximum at 350V, TA=25oC)



 Off-line transient protection of high VRMS systems

 Inductive energy clamping in industrial equipment

 Secondary lightning protection in telecom systems


Support Material

Data Sheet

SMAJ350CA N1982 REV.-.pdf