High Voltage Surface Mount Schottky Rectifier SK315A

Date:October 12, 2017

The SK315A is a high voltage Schottky rectifier available in the space saving SMA package outline.  The SK315A has a high reverse voltage capability of 150V, extremely low total conduction losses and extremely fast Schottky technology switching speeds (less than 5ns).  Despite the small package size, the SK315A is capable of a full 3A continuous forward current and is capable of withstanding a single cycle forward surge event of 80A.  The combination of extremely low conduction losses, high current density and small package outline make these devices ideal for energy sensitive and space constrained applications such as Solid State Lighting (SSL) and small switching power supplies.


 High current density of 3A average forward, IO, continuous

 High reverse voltage capability of 150V

 Ultralow forward voltage (0.65V typ. @ 3A, TJ=125oC) for maximum efficiency

 High forward surge capability (80A) needed for reactively loaded circuits

 Industry standard small footprint SMA (DO-214AC) package

 Very low leakage / idle current (3μA typ. @ VR=150V, TJ=25oC)



Reverse polarity protection

Solid State Lighting (SSL) systems

Output rectification

DC / DC converters


Support Material

Data Sheet

SK315A N1971 REV.-.pdf