Fast Recovery Full-Wave Bridge Rectifiers RMB2S Thru RMB6S

Date:October 12, 2017

The RMB2S thru RMB6S series of devices is a family of fast recovery full-wave bridge rectifiers packaged in the space saving MB-S case.  The RMB series has a forward current rating of 0.8A, a high single cycle surge (8.3ms) rating of 30A and high reverse voltage capability of 200V to 600V.  The entire family (200V thru 600V) of bridges has a fast reverse recovery time of 150ns maximum which is needed for full-wave rectification of higher frequency signals.  The series utilizes glass passivated silicon die which minimizes reverse leakage currents and enhances device reliability.  The combination of very small package footprint, high reverse voltage capability and fast recovery time make this series of devices ideal for both off-line rectification and higher frequency full-wave rectification in space constrained applications.



 Continuous forward current capability of 0.8A (TA=30oC, alumina substrate)

 High reverse voltage capability up to 600V

 Fast reverse recovery time of 150nS maximum

 Low forward voltage drop of 0.9V typ. at 0.4A, TA=25oC

 Very small package footprint (4.7mm x 7.0mm)

 High forward surge rating of 30A necessary for reactively loaded circuits

 Glass passivated silicon die for high reliability



 Off-line input rectification for industrial, consumer, telecom and white goods

 High frequency full-wave rectification applications

 Steering diodes

 Charging circuits

 Switching and linear power supplies


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Data Sheet

RMB2S-RMB6S N1961 REV.A.pdf