Ultrafast Rectifier In Low Profile Package US1AL thru US1ML

Date:September 06, 2017

The US1AL thru US1ML is a series of ultrafast switching rectifier diodes packaged in the low profile and small footprint SOD-123FL outline.  The series combines ultrafast reverse recovery times with a broad range of reverse voltage capabilities (50 to 1000V).  The small footprint SOD-123FL device has a continuous forward current rating of 1.0A and a high single cycle (8.3ms) forward surge capability of 30A.  The combination of ultrafast switching speeds, broad voltage capability and low profile package makes the US1 series the ideal rectifier for high frequency, space constrained applications.



 Ultrafast reverse recovery times of 50 to 75ns for high frequency applications

 Continuous forward current capability of 1A (TA=30oC)

 Reverse voltage capability of 50 to 1000V

 Low profile package (1mm typical) for space constrained applications

 Low total conduction losses (VF=1V, IR=5 μA, max at TJ=25oC, VR = 50 to 200V)

 Half sine wave (8.3ms) forward surge rating of 30A needed for reactively loaded circuits

 Glass passivated silicon junction for enhanced performance and reliability



 Reverse polarity protection

 Flyback diode in high frequency switching circuits

 Power Factor Correction (PFC)

 Free-wheeling diodes

 Output rectification of high frequency power supplies


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