High Current Axial Leaded Schottky Rectifier 95SQ015

Date:June 15, 2017

The 95SQ015 is a high current Schottky rectifier packaged in the axial leaded DO-201AD outline.  The device provides a very high continuous forward current rating of 9A, an extremely high forward surge capability of 480A and excellent reverse avalanche energy capability. The 95SQ015 minimizes total conduction losses as result of an ultra low forward voltage drop.  The 25.4mm long (1.25mm diameter) copper leads provide assembly flexibility for challenging application configurations.  The combination of high current capability, energy efficiency, Ultrafast Schottky switching performance and axial leaded package make this device the ideal solution for lower voltage applications where high power, energy efficiency and mounting flexibility are required.



 Continuous forward current capability of 9A (Tc=55oC)

 Very low forward voltage, VF, of 0.34V maximum (IFM=9A, TJ=25oC)

 High repetitive avalanche energy of 4.5mJ (IAS=1A, L=9mH, TJ=25oC)

 High single cycle (8.3ms) forward surge rating of 480A necessary for reactively loaded circuits

 Schottky reverse recovery times, trr, less than 1ns

 Axial leaded package provides flexibility for device configuration within application



OR-ing circuits in redundant power systems

Output rectification in high frequency switching supplies

Reverse polarity protection

Voltage clamping

Charging circuits


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Data Sheet

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