High Voltage UltraFast Power Rectifier SDUR30T120W

Date:March 03, 2017

The SDUR30T120W is an ultrafast switching power rectifier with a very high reverse voltage capability of 1200V.  The device has a high continuous forward current capability of 30A and a robust forward surge rating of 200A.  The combination of high reverse voltage capability, ultrafast switching and high forward current capability makes this device ideal for high power, high frequency, energy sensitive applications such as Power Factor Correction (PFC), electric vehicle (EV) charging and alternative energy inverters.


 High reverse voltage capability of 1200V max

 Ultrafast reverse recovery time, trr, of 55ns typical

 High forward current, IO, capability of 30A continuous (50% duty cycle, Tc=125oC)

 High forward surge capability (200A) needed for capacitive loaded circuits

 Low reverse leakage current (typically <250μA, TJ=25oC ) for energy efficiency

 Glass passivated die for enhanced reliability



 Power Factor Correction (PFC)

 Flyback / free wheeling diodes

 Inductive load energy suppression

 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging

 Alternative energy inverters


Support Material

Data Sheet

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