Multi-line EOS TVS Protection Array SMDA03-7 thru SMDA24-7

Date:February 04, 2017

The SMDA03-7 thru SMDA24-7 series of devices is a family of bi-directional, high energy, multi-line EOS (Electrical Over-Stress) arrays available in the industry standard SO-8 package outline.  The unique package configuration of the SMDAXX-7 series allows the devices to simultaneously protect up to seven I/O lines, user interface lines, power and accessory ports and Integrated Circuit (IC) voltage rails.  Devices are available with working voltage ratings that reflect the most commonly used design values of 3.3, 5.0, 12.0, 15.0 and 24.0 volts. The SMDAXX-7 devices have a much lower idle current (efficiency) than MLVs, have a much tighter clamping ratio (VC/VRWM) for more precise protection and have no inherent “wear-out” mechanism as do MLVs.



 High peak pulse power capability of 300W (8x20μs)

 Flexible configurations for up to 7 lines of protection

 Bi-directional protection

 Broad range of working voltages (3.3V to 24V)

 Low idle / standby current (typically <1μA) for energy efficiency

 Tight clamping ratio (VC/VRWM) typically less than 2 for precise protection

 Industry standard SO-8 package and footprint



I/O ports

User interface: switches, buttons, keypads

Integrated Circuit (IC) Vbus power rail

Power and accessory ports

SMDA03-7 THRU SMDA24-7 N0296 REV.A.pdf