Low Profile Fast Recovery Full-Wave Bridge FTB1F-15F thru FTB10F-15F

Date:February 04, 2017

The FTB1F-15F thru FTB10F-15F series of devices is a family of surface mount full-wave bridge rectifiers packaged in the very low profile ABF case.  The series of devices provides for reverse voltage capabilities of 100V up to 1000V.  The small surface mount package is capable of a continuous forward current rating of 1.5A and a robust peak forward surge current of 50A.  The combination of low package profile, high reverse voltage capability and high current density makes this device the ideal input rectification solution for many of today’s space constrained applications.



 Continuous forward current capability of 1.5A (TA=50oC)

 High reverse voltage capability up to 1kV

 Very low profile package (1.1mm typical)

 High forward surge rating of 50A necessary for reactively loaded circuits

 Fast reverse recovery time of 500nS maximum

 Glass passivated silicon die for high reliability



 Input rectification

 Steering diodes

 Charging circuits

 Switching and linear power supplies

FTB1F-15F THRU FTB10F-15F N1743 REV.-.pdf