Ultralow Forward Voltage Power Schottky Rectifier -19TQ015CJ

Date:December 16, 2016

The 19TQ015CJ is an energy efficient, high current Schottky rectifier available in the thermally efficient TO-220AC package.  The device has an extremely low forward voltage of 0.36V and a very robust forward current rating of 19A continuous.  The 19TQ015CJ has a forward surge current rating of 120A which is critical in reactively loaded circuits. The 19TQ015CJ is the ideal rectifier solution for low voltage applications where high current density and minimal forward voltage loss are the critical design considerations.


 High continuous forward current rating of 19A (50% duty cycle square wave)

 Ultralow forward voltage drop of 0.36V max (<0.3V typical) @ IF=19A

 High forward surge rating of 120A critical in capacitive loaded circuits

 High frequency operation with reverse recovery time, trr, less than 5ns

 Guard ring construction enhances reverse energy capability and long-term reliability



 Polarity Protection

 ORing diode


 Parallel switching power supplies


 Freewheeling diode

19TQ015CJ N0611 REV.-.pdf