Dual High Voltage,High Power Schottky Rectifier - SK2S120-100

Date:November 21, 2016

The SK2S120-100 is a pair of high current, high voltage, Schottky rectifiers packaged in the thermally efficient SOT-227 outline.  The device has a robust continuous forward current rating of 120A (total package), a reverse voltage capability of 100V and a very high single cycle surge rating of 700A which is critical in reactively loaded circuits.  The two rectifiers are independently configured which provides design flexibility.  The combination of high reverse voltage capability, high forward current rating, and very low conduction and switching losses make this device ideal for high power, high frequency and energy sensitive applications.


   Ultralow forward voltage (0.74V max, 60A @ TJ=125oC) for maximum efficiency

   High current density of 120A average forward, IO, continuous(total package)

   High reverse voltage capability of 100V

   Very low switching loss

   Very low leakage / idle current (2mA max. @ TJ=25oC) reduces reverse energy losses

   High forward surge capability (700A) needed for capacitive loaded circuits

   Thermally efficient isolated DBC base substrate



   Reverse polarity protection

   Output rectification

   DC / DC converters

   ORing circuits

   Voltage clamping circuits

SK2S120-100 N1745 REV.-.pdf