Dual High Voltage Power Schottky - ST30200C and STB30200C

Date:September 13, 2016

The ST30200C and STB30200C devices are dual, common cathode, high power dual Schottky rectifiers available in industry standard TO-220AB and D2PAK packages, respectively.  The very low forward voltage, VF, drop and low reverse leakage current, IR, result in low total conduction losses and enhanced levels of efficiency.  The very high reverse voltage capability of 200V makes these devices well suited for higher voltage switching supplies, Solid State Lighting (SSL) and power industrial applications.  The common cathode configuration facilitates use as output rectifiers in high frequency switching supplies and DC-DC converters. The devices employ guard ring construction for enhanced levels of reliability and robust reverse energy capability.



   Ultralow forward voltage (0.72V max, 15A @ TJ=125oC) for maximum efficiency

   High current density of 30A average forward, IO, continuous(total package)

   High reverse voltage capability of 200V

   Very low leakage current (160μA max. @ TJ=25oC) reduces reverse energy losses

   High forward surge capability (200A) needed for capacitive loaded circuits

   Guard ring construction for enhanced ruggedness and reliability

   Industry standard package options



   Reverse polarity protection

   Output rectification

   DC / DC converters

   ORing circuits

   Voltage clamping circuits

ST30200C STB30200C N1438 REV.-.pdf