Dual Common CathodeSchottky Rectifier - 20CJQ100

Date:September 13, 2016

The 20CJQ100 is a 2A, 100V common cathode Schottkyrectifier packaged in the small form factor SOT-223.  The device has avery low forward voltage, VF, drop and low reverse leakage current, IR, resulting in low total conduction losses and enhanced levels of efficiency.  The common cathode configuration and high reverse voltage capability make these devices ideal rectifier solutions for high frequency, energy sensitive applications such as Solid State Lighting (SSL), Power over Ethernet (PoE) or switching power supplies (SMPS or DC/DC).  The devices employ guard ring construction for enhanced levels of reliability and robust reverse energy capability.



   Common cathode configuration

   High reverse voltage capability of 100V

   Very low forward voltage (0.75V typical, TJ=125oC) for enhanced efficiency

   High current density of 2A (total package)

   Low reverse leakage current minimizes reverse conduction losses

   Guard ring construction for enhanced reverse energy capability and long-term reliability

   Small form factor industry standard SOT-223 package



   Switching suppliers (SMPS) and DC/DC input and output rectification

   Solid State Lighting (SSL)

   Power over Ethernet (PoE) peripheral products input rectification

   Reverse polarity protection

   Solid State Lighting (SSL) systems

20CJQ100 N0671 REV.-.pdf