Low Profile Schottky Rectifier Family - SK32 Series

Date:August 15, 2016

The SK32 series of Schottky rectifiers is a family of energy efficient, Schottky rectifiers available in the low profile SMAF package.  The SK32 series provides designand application flexibility by offering devices with a range of reverse voltage of 20V to 200V.   Despite their small package size, the SK32 devices are capable of a full 3A continuous forward current and are capable of withstanding a single cycle forward surge events of 80A.  The low profile SMAF package fits on the same pad layout as the popular SMA (DO-214AC) but has a 43% lower profile (height).  The combination of extremely low conduction losses, wide voltage range and low profile package make these devices ideal for today’senergy sensitive and space constrained applications.


   Ultralow forward voltage (0.55V max / 40V device) for maximum efficiency

   High current density of 3A average forward, IO, continuous

   Wide reverse voltage range (20V to 200V) serves many applications

   Low profile package is 43% thinner than standard SMA (DO-214AC)

   Very low leakage current reduces reverse energy losses

   High forward surge capability (80A) needed for capacitive loaded circuits

   Guard ring construction for enhanced ruggedness and reliability

   Extremely fast reverse recovery time (trr< 10ns)



   Reverse polarity protection

   Output rectification

   DC / DC converters

   Charging circuits

   Voltage clamping circuits

SK32AF-SK320AF N1572 REV.-.pdf