EOS TVS with High Peak Pulse Current Capability - S43LCC Series

Date:August 15, 2016

The S43LCC series is a family of single line (line-to-ground), or singleline pair (line-to-line), EOS Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) available in the small form factor, industry standard SOT-143 package.  The series provides bidirectional, high peak pulse current protection of data lines, DC power rails (VBus) and user interface. Devices are available with working voltage ratings that reflect the most commonly used design values of 3.3, 5.0, 12.0, 15.0 and 24.0 volts.  Compared to smaller, less robust, EOS TVS, the S43LCC series is capable of withstanding peak pulse currents up to 20A (8x20μs).  The pinout configuration of the S42LCC series provides the ultimate in board design flexibility.  The S43LCC series is the best solution when high peak pulse currentprotection is needed in a small form factor package.


   High peak pulse current capability of 20A (8x20μs)

   Bidirectional protection

   Broad range of working voltages (3.3V to 24V)

   Low idle / standby current (typically <1μA) for energy efficiency

   Pinout configuration provides maximum flexibility of board design

   Low capacitance (<15pF) for protection of higher speed data and user interface



   Handheld electronics

   WAN/LAN equipment

   Cellular phones and wireless communications equipment

User interface, high speed data lines and data interface

S43LCC0403 thru S43LCC0424 N1448 REV.A.pdf