High Energy EoS Protector S2303 thru S2336

Date:June 15, 2017

The S2303 thru S2336 series is a family of high energy EOS protectors packaged in the industry standard SOT-23 outline. The most prevalent voltage types (3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24 and 36V) used in logic level and IC power rail circuitry are available making them ideal for EOS protection of VBus and user interface applications.  The devices have a high peak power capability of 300W (8x20μs) and can be used as either a two line uni-directional device or as a single line bi-directional protector.  The combination of high peak power capability, precise clamping and low idle current make these devices far superior to MOV / MLV type protectors in data line, power rail and user interface applications.    



 High peak power capability of 300W (8x20μs)

 Protects two uni-directional lines or a single bi-directional line

 Broad range of working voltages (3.3V to 36V)

 Low idle / standby current for energy efficiency (<100nA for 12 thru 36V devices)

 Tight clamping ratio (VC/VRWM typically<2) for precise protection

 Industry standard SOT-23 package



 RS-232 and RS-422 data lines

 User interface

 Integrated Circuit (IC) power rails

 Handheld electronics


Support Material

Data Sheet

S2303 THRU S2336 N0291 REV.A.pdf