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  2018/01/02    Super-Fast Surface Mount Rectifier SES1D

The SES1D is a super-fast switching rectifier diode packaged in the space efficient SMA outline.  The SES1D combines industry leading super-fast reverse recovery times, trr, with a reverse voltage capability of 200V.  The combination of very low forward voltage drop and low reverse leakage (idle) current minimize total conduction losses and maximize energy efficiency.  The small footprint of the SMA outline provides design flexibility when a 1A rectifier is required in a space constrained assembly.  The super-fast recovery time and small package size of the SES1D make this device the ideal solution for high frequency, energy sensitive, space constrained applications.



 Super-fast reverse recovery times of 15ns, maximum, for high frequency applications

 Continuous forward current capability of 1A (TL=110oC)

 Reverse voltage capability of 200V

 Small footprint package (13.7mm2 typical) and low profile (2.43mm typical)

 Low forward conduction losses (VF=0.92V max. @ 1A, TJ=25oC)

 Low reverse leakage (idle) current (<1μA typ. @ VR=200V, TJ=25oC)

 Glass passivated silicon junction for enhanced performance and reliability



 Reverse polarity protection

 Flyback diode in high frequency switching circuits

 Free-wheeling diodes

 Output rectification of high frequency power supplies


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