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  2017/09/06    Dual High Power Ultrafast Rectifier SDUR8060WT

The SDUR8060WT is a pair of high current, high voltage, ultrafast switching rectifiers in the common cathode configuration packaged in the TO-247AD outline.  The SDUR8060WT has a very high continuous (50% duty cycle) forward current rating of 80A (total package) and a reverse voltage capability of 600V.  The device maximizes energy efficiency by minimizing total conduction and switching losses. The common cathode configuration facilitates output rectification topologies and dual free-wheeling diode applications. The combination of high voltage capability, high forward current rating and ultrafast switching makes this device ideal for high power, high frequency and energy sensitive applications such as Power Factor Correction (PFC).


 High continuous forward current rating of 80A (total package)

 Reverse voltage capability of 600V

 Reverse recovery time, trr, of 45ns typical

 High forward surge rating of 250A critical in reactively loaded circuits

 Low idle current of 2μA typical (600V, 25oC) enhances energy efficiency

 Low forward voltage of 1.45V typical (IF=40A, 25oC) per rectifier element



 Power Factor Correction (PFC)

 High frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

 Flyback diodes

 DC / DC converters

 Anti-saturation diode

 Alternative energy inverters


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